Shenzhen Daqi Industrial Device Co.,ltd. is a high-tech enterprise located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. It is a technical enterprise with a plant area of 3000 square meters, and more than 70 employees, including 6 R&D personnel and 25 professional technicians.

The company specializes in R&D and production of various types of LC filter, sine wave filter, passive harmonic filter, EMC filter, transformers, reactors, special equipment for electrical machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment, etc.

We offer OEM/ODM service, with a strong R&D abilities to do customized products to meet different requirements by a competitive cost.

  • Customized Design & Quick response

  • Professional Technical Support

  • Strict Quality Control

  • Fast Delivery


DAQI company hope that by improving the quality of power supply, we can improve the service life of industrial equipment, improve energy efficiency, and reduce the damage of human survival to the natural environment.

The earth on which we live needs to be protected, and all efforts based on it are worthwhile, and We believe that everyone should bear such social responsibilities.

Major Products

Sine Wave Filter

- Design Based on Uses -

DAQI ® Sine Wave Filter provide a Sine Wave output voltage when driven from variable frequency drives or other types of PWM inverters to protect the motors.

EMC EMI Filter

- Design Based on Uses -

DAQI ® EMC EMI Filter can reduce the interference emissions while improving immunity from internal and external interferences.

Harmonic Filter

- Design Based on Uses -

DAQI ® Harmonic Filter reduce the harmonic currents flowing in the power system from the source and reduce the harmonic voltage distortion in the system.

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